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2011Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Torch Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Sep 16, 2014

Michael & Diana Litherland
Everett, Wa.
2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe “Torch Red on Black”

Dear Joe,

Thank you for making the purchase of our Grand Sport such an enjoyable experience. Your expert guidance and in depth knowledge of Corvettes gave us the confidence to buy our dream car. Your openness and down to earth personality made our buying experience fun and stress free. You’re the kind of person to which we will refer friends and family.

Thanks for “the ride of our life”!

Michael and Diana

Mike Litherland 2010 Corvette GS

2005 Corvette Roadster Velocity Yellow on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Sep 2, 2014

Dennis & Cindy Brune
Concrete, Wa.
2005 Corvette Roadster “Velocity Yellow on Black”

I am a retired high school teacher whose dream has always been to own a Corvette. I finally talked my wife into agreeing with the idea, and I spent months searching for the right car when I found a yellow 2005 convertible advertised on Craig’s List by Joe Harvey who works for Speedway Chevrolet in Monroe, Washington. Included in the primary picture of the car were about a dozen additional pictures showing both the interior and the exterior of the car. Generally when someone includes that many pictures, they have nothing to hide, and indeed the car is as pristine as the photos indicated, and it is everything and more than Joe described it to be. Joe and I exchanged several phone calls and e-mails before I actually traveled to Monroe to see the Corvette for myself. Joe met me with a smile and a firm handshake, took a considerable amount of time to show me every detail of the car, and it is everything he advertised it to be. One of the things I really liked about dealing with Joe was the fact that he let me take the car out for the initial test drive by myself, something I have never had a car salesman let me do. Driving alone, I could concentrate on the car, listen for anything that might not sound right, focus on how the car handled and drove, all without a salesman interrupting me with a sales pitch. Joe then cordially took my wife out for her first ride in a convertible.

Joe handled the negotiations process for the price of the car very professionally without any uncomfortable pressure to buy, always with respect for my wife and me, and always cordial. I have worked as a professional negotiator, and Joe was the most considerate “adversary” that I have faced. I have dealt with car salesmen in the past who would tell me what a huge mistake I was making if I did not take their deal, but we met with none of that from Joe, and, in fact, the deal we made was actually about $50 less than I finally offered.

I was very impressed with Joe through the whole process. He was honest about everything; the car was everything and more than he said it was; and since the deal was closed, he has responded to any questions I have sent to him by e-mail immediately. Since this was my first Corvette, I had and have a lot to learn, and Joe has always been available to help me out with any questions I have had about the car and where to buy any Corvette specialty parts that I want to add to the car. Many car salesmen, once the deal is done and you have driven away, won’t even bother returning any messages, but Joe does not forget the people who buy from him. If I am ever in the market for a new Chevrolet, which I soon may be to replace my trade-in, I would not hesitate to give Joe a call and arrange to deal with him.

As an afterthought, as part of the deal on the car, I bought a paint and interior protective treatment as I always do when I buy a new car…they are well worth the money in my experience…, and so I had to deal with Speedway Chevrolet’s service department. They, also, gave me first rate treatment, supplying me with an overnight “loaner” while the work was being done on my car. My whole experience with Speedway Chevrolet, I must say, was very positive.

Denny Brune
Concrete, Washington


Denny Brune 2005 Corvette Convertible 001 (Small)

2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Sep 2, 2014

Tom & Laurie Pizzi
Buckley, Wa.
2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupe “Crystal Red on Black”

Laurie and I feel we are becoming part of the family here at Speedway Chevrolet and Joe is our Godfather. He can make you an offer “you just can’t refuse“ !! Back in May of 2010 we were looking to trade our 1979 corvette for a newer model and I really had my eye on the 2010 Grand Sport. There were cars out there, but I wanted a Crystal Red one. No one could seem to find the gem I was looking for. One turned up at another dealership and Joe went the extra mile to make this deal come through for me. We were so grateful to Joe and everyone there at the dealership. When the new body style came out in 2014, I was totally impressed with the car and Laurie and I decided we had to try and get one. We looked around and could not find the car that was right for us. We decided to order one, but we needed to trade in our Grand Sport that only had 891 miles on it and no one we talked to could give us the deal we knew was right for us. I gave Joe a call and again “a deal we could not refuse”. We always know we can put our trust in Joe.

Thank you Joe ( The Godfather of Corvettes )

Tom and Laurie Pizzi


Tom Pizzi

2007 Corvette Coupe Monterey Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Aug 19, 2014

Bill & Mary Lee Peek
Snohomish, Wa.
2007 Corvette Coupe “Monterey Red on Black”

In my opinion, the C-6  is the most impressive Corvette that has ever been produced (possibly excluding the 2014). The problem was that our driveway is not Corvette friendly and when I tried to put one in the garage it really scraped the bottom badly. The C-5 didn’t have that problem so I just thought we would have to live without my favorite Corvette. Our C-5 was the 2004 Commemorative addition which we bought from Joe and Speedway. I loved the 04 and it gave us great service, but my heart was always wanting a C-6.Well Joe and Speedway Chevrolet came through again.  We are now the proud owner of a 2007 Monterey Red (also my favorite color) and it didn’t scrape coming up the driveway.  With the help of Joe, we figured out that the suspension in the 07 was just a little higher than previous C-6′s that I had tried. As much as I will miss my blue 04, I really am happier with the new Corvette and think it is beautiful  to look at and drive. One thing I want to say here is that this is the third Corvette I have purchased from Joe and Speedway. In my opinion Joe is the “go to” guy when it comes to Corvettes.  He is not only knowledgeable but makes sure that the Corvettes he has on the lot are the finest he can find.  The one we purchased looks as good as a brand new one on the showroom floor. In conclusion, Joe made the whole purchasing process a pleasant and a fun experience and YES… we are still great friends.

Bill and Mary Lee Peek


Bill Peek 2007 Monterey Red Corvette Coupe

2004 Corvette Roadster Spiral Grey on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Aug 19, 2014

Randy & Robbie Johnson
Yakima, Wa.
2004 Corvette Roadster “Spiral Grey on Black”

My wife and I were looking for a Corvette for about eight months. Joe was running an ad on the internet. We telephoned Joe about the car and he was great about answering all the questions I had about the car.  We asked him to reserve the car so we could drive the 3 hours over to see it and he not only reserved it but washed and filled it up with gas so it would be ready for us to drive.  We took the car out for a test drive and loved everything about it.  He was willing to negotiate with us so we bought the car and brought it home.  Joe took the time to check in with us to make sure we enjoyed our drive home.  We would be more than happy to buy a vehicle with him in the future. Thanks Joe.


Randy and Robbie


Randy Johnson 2004 Corvette Roadster

2009 Corvette Coupe Blade Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jul 26, 2014

Melvin & Peggy Kempf
Port Angeles, Wa.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Blade Silver on Black”

Thank you we really love the 2009 Corvette we purchased from you. I appreciate the variety of Corvettes you had on hand so we could make the best decision for us. Everybody should have a ZO6 for a grocery getter. We also appreciate the easy attitude on the test drives and the knowledge you showed about Corvettes.

Thanks Again,
Mel and Peggy Kempf


Melvin Kempf 2009 Corvette 001 (Small)

2006 Corvette Coupe Monterey Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jul 23, 2014

Rich Torres
Lake Stevens, Wa.
2006 Corvette Coupe “Monterey Red on Black”

Recently I decided to start looking to upgrade from a 2010 Camaro 2SS to a C6 Corvette. I was very hesitant as I am extremely picky when it comes to my vehicles and knew that what I wanted would be difficult to find. I started looking around and quickly realized that Joe Harvey at Speedway Chevrolet had the best selection in the Seattle area. I called Joe and found that he had a Corvette that was exactly what I wanted. I met with Joe and found that he was extremely knowledgeable with everything related to Corvette’s. This was very comforting to me since this was the first Corvette I was looking to buy and I had lots of questions. Joe made this Corvette buying experience absolutely wonderful and I ended up with a showroom quality Corvette for a very reasonable price. Thanks Joe, I will be back…


Rich Torres

2009 Corvette Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jul 14, 2014

Dennis & Marie Wardwell
Vancouver, Wa.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Crystal Red on Black”

My wife and I purchased this 2009 corvette in early June 2014 from Joe. We expressed interest in this corvette and were handed the keys and told to try it out. We were treated very well by both Joe and Michelle during the purchase of this vehicle. This was the model and color we had looked for some time and could not be happier with the purchase.


Dennis Wardwell 2009 Corvette Coupe 001 (Small)

2005 Corvette Coupe Machine Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jul 5, 2014

Dale Ryland
Tacoma, Wa.
2005 Corvette Coupe “Machine Silver on Black”

I found my recent purchase to be one of the easiest and quickest vehicle purchases I have ever made! I told Joe what I wanted, took a short test drive, and on my return Joe had put together a hassle free deal that was nearly spot on to where I wanted to be. A minor repair was taken care of before I left the dealership, and I was on my way.

Since my purchase I have added 6,000 fun filled miles and finished a 4,500 mile trip where I was surprised to discover that my gas mileage exceeded what I understood the advertised range to be. 31.5 MPG while cruising at 80 MPH. (No worries, that was the posted speed limit in that location!)

One drawback however……With that removable roof panel I have suffered sunburn!


Ryland 2005 Corvette

2007 Corvette Coupe Monterey Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jun 14, 2014

Bruce Anderson
Burien, Wa.
2007 Corvette Coupe “Monterey Red on Black”

Joe does Know about Corvette’s. He answered all of my questions about a Corvette. Joe Knows about all of the packages and options these beautiful cars come with and Joe makes the buying process as easy and comfortable as possible. I highly recommend to anyone who is shopping for a Corvette to talk to Joe. Stop by or call him, you’ll be glad you did.

Bruce Anderson


Bruce Anderson 2007 Corvette  (Small)