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2007 Corvette Coupe Machine Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | 18 hours ago

Lance & Erika Clements
Aberdeen, Wa.
2007 Corvette Coupe “Machine Silver on Black”

My name is Lance D Clements Sr. and I want to tell you about my experience buying my BEAUTIFUL corvette from Joe Harvey.

While this was my 2nd ‘Vette, it was my 1st from a dealership, having bought my 1st from a private party. I had actually been referred to Joe by a friend of mine who, himself, had bought HIS 4th or 5th vette (and some of his previous ones) from Joe just recently.

My friend knew that I don’t have a lot of patients when it comes most car dealerships nor the high pressure salesmen who work at them. While I know and understand that their paychecks, in many cases, depend on getting you to not only buy the most expensive car they can get you qualified for, but also getting you to agree to buy a lot of expensive “extras” that you really didn’t want and probably don’t really need, either, I still don’t like the fact that most try and pressure you into getting them anyway.

However, that was NOT the case with Joe.

I had called and spoke with him ahead of time and after having reviewed some of the ‘vettes I was interested in, on line. While I saw MANY that I could easily see myself in, my attention, and interest, eventually settled on a beautiful white corvette with a push button retractable top. Joe told me all about it in a very easy and gentle manner with NO attempts at trying to sell me ON the car which I both loved AND appreciated.

My belief is that, if the salesman has to sell you ON the car, then, likely, its NOT the car for you. My friend had told me that, with Joe, there would be NO high pressure sales tactics or anything and he was absolutely right and correct..there wasn’t ANY.

My phone conversation with Joe was pleasant and enjoyable. We set an appointment for my wife and I to come up and see that white corvette and hung up.

I was excited about the upcoming trip to go see “my” new corvette and had already pretty much sold myself on it even before we set off ON the trip. Joe said he would give me as good a trade in allowance as possible on my older vette if I didn’t want to take the time and effort to try and sell it privately. I also appreciated this, as well, as I am a very busy man and really DON’T have the time required to do this.

So, the day arrives and off we go. I already had a letter of credit from the local bank that I do business with which to buy the vette and a good credit rating, so I was set.

When we arrived, Joe met us with a warm smile and friendly reception. He already had the vette out and ready for us to test drive. So, we gave him the keys to my old vette to look over for trade in consideration, he gave us the keys to test drive the newer one and away we went on our test drive. It was JUST THAT simple and easy.

My wife almost instantly fell in love with it (and, gasp!!! She doesn’t usually LIKE vettes, though I DO !!!) and reluctantly, finally, “allowed” me behind the wheel of what was SUPPOSED to be “my” vette, ANYWAY. We returned to the dealership to do the required paperwork, but, just before we entered the building I said to my wife that I wanted to take one last look around to be SURE that this was THE vette that I REALLY wanted.

And, I’m glad I did.

Because, sitting across the lot was THE vette that I KNEW the moment I laid eyes on it, was going to be mine.

It was a gorgeous silver outside and solid black leather inside. The ONLY thing I saw that disappointed me was that it had a solid color, removable top whereas I REALLY preferred and wanted/liked glass/clear tops like my old vette. Well, Joe came to the rescue. He said he just happened to have a glass top that would fit “my” new vette perfectly if I wanted (which, obviously, I did) and he said he would make me a deal on it, too.

He gave me the price for the top and it was SO reasonable that I HAD to take it. Because Joe and I had, both, been left thinking I was going to buy that white vette, the silver one wasn’t exactly “all prettied up” for me, but I didn’t care. I saw thru the slight dirt and such and eagerly jumped in to take IT for a test drive.

It was LOVE at first sight AND touch. Almost immediately I started receiving compliments about how “my” vette looked “awesome” from complete and total strangers as we drove around or even just stopped at a stop sign. I now knew for sure that THIS was THE vette for me. I drove back to the dealership and told Joe that I had changed my mind and that THIS was now the vette I REALLY wanted.

Without ANY problems, Joe set about making it happen immediately. 1st, Joe told me what he could get me fory old vette as a trade in and, since it met all of MY conditions, I thought it very fair and agreeable.
Then 2ndly, I gave Joe my letter of credit. Now, because I have such good credit, not only did my bank give me the amount of money I asked for with which to buy the vette ofy choice, but they ALSO were able to give me an excellent APR (Annual Percentage Rating) or loan rate.

However, and to my incredible surprise, after looking over my letter of credit and the loan rate offered toe by my bank, Joe asked me if I would give him the chance to beat it, if he could. Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to do this, since, like I said, my bank had already given me such excellent terms that it didn’t seem possible TO be able to beat their offer, I said “sure”.

Well, incredibly, on top of everything else, Joe DID, somehow, manage to beat my bank’s offer and took off almost another entire percentage point off my already crazy low interest rate!!! He got me a rate UNDER 4 and just barely over 3%!!!

My time there was doing paperwork and such was SO short that it likely set some kind of personal record for my wife and I being able to find a car, do the paperwork and leave WITH the new car. I have discovered over the years that, often, the reasons for the incredibly long times for getting you out a dealerships doors has to do with the belief that the longer they can keep you AT the dealership, the more likely it is that, one way or another, they are going to be able to get even MORE $$ out of, or from, you.

This is/was NOT the case with Joe.

He wanted to keep us there, both no longer than WE wanted to be there AND then we HAD to be there. Joe was quick, efficient and all the while remained friendly and pleasant. I was also stunned (and pleasantly surprised) to find that his asking price for his vettes are not only reasonable, but that they were barely over the Kelly Blue Book values. In other words, he keeps his profit margins RAZOR thin already. This was GREAT to discover because it means that there’s really no need to try and get him to drop his prices because he ALREADY intentionally HAS them just as low as he can and still be able to make at least a SMALL profit (after all, he DOES need to make SOME $$ with which to pay his guys and himself, right??)

I PROMISE you, Joe will NOT gouge you, nor is he looking to, either. He will give you a MORE than reasonable price on a Gorgeous vette of YOUR choice. AND, he will NOT subject you to ANY high pressure sales tactics. You will leave there happy, at ease and, if your like me, looking forward to going back some day in the future to buy ANOTHER vette from Joe.

I found Joe to be honest, friendly, pleasant, interested ONLY in making sure YOUR happy with both your buying experience AND whatever car you eventually decide is the one for YOU and doing everything he can to see that you get THE BEST deal possible.

What more could I ask for??

Joe, my wife and I STILL Thank you for a WONDERFUL car buying experience and we look forward to seeing you again in the future and buying ANOTHER vette. We will, ALSO, happily refer any, and every, body that we hear of who wants to buy themselves, or are even THINKING OF buying, a corvette.

Joe, your AWESOME!!!

Lance and Erika Clements


Lance Clements 2007 Corvette Coupe

2008 Corvette Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | May 20, 2015

Jerry Duruz
Orondo, Wa.
2008 Corvette Coupe “Crystal Red on Black”

Joe was just the best and very helpful. He made our Corvette buying experience so easy and pleasurable. This is the second Corvette we’ve bought from Joe. Thank you again Joe for the great great deal. The 2008 is absolutely loaded and looks and drives like a brand new car. My granddaughter came with me to pick it up and all she could say on the way home is this “car is soooo cool !!!”

Jerry D.

Jerry Duruz 2008 Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2011 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster Torch Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | May 8, 2015

Jayne Drinan
Gresham, OR.
2011 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster “Torch Red on Black”

It started with a simple email to Joe – ‘I’m looking for a red GS convertible’. There were none in the Pacific Northwest that met my wish list. We both searched for potential candidates through the usual routes – auto classifieds and Corvette forum listings. Joe patiently guided me towards the better cars and even had several investigated for me. Then late at night he contacted me; “Can you call me at 11 tomorrow? I have a GS – I really think it’s the one for you.” This beauty was traded by the original owner on a brand new Stingray. It’s a 2011, 4LT, manual, NPP and only 11,000 miles, but it was located 2,200 miles away. It was going to be auctioned at 11:30 that morning. He asked his contacts near the auction facility to check the car out – and they returned great reports. Trusting Joe’s instinct, I told him to go for it and he won the bid! Joe did everything: Bidding at auction, finalizing payment, arranging transport. All I had to do was drive to Monroe to collect the car. This GS is in like-new condition. It’s perfect in every way, and is everything I’d dreamed of having in a GS vert. Joe is the only one I trust to purchase a car sight-unseen from. This is the third Corvette and fourth vehicle my husband and I have purchased from Joe. Despite having one of the largest Corvette dealers in the Pacific Northwest located just five miles from our house, we travel 250 miles to work with Joe on our car purchases. If you think you can find, evaluate, purchase and transport a Corvette by yourself, trust me you can’t. I would never have been aware of this GS had it not been for Joe. Thanks to him I have the GS Corvette convertible of my dreams, and zero stress in purchasing it. Joe is always honest and fair and he works with you to find the perfect car – no matter where it is located. Joe really does know Corvettes, and he always goes the extra mile for his customers.

Thanks again Joe for the amazing GS. At the first stop on the way home a young man parked next to us, and asking what year it was, commented “that is one beautiful car!”. I think we have a definite winner.


Jayne Drinan 2011 GS Roadster (Custom)

2004 Corvette Roadster Magnetic Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | May 6, 2015

Lisa & Marshall Carroll
Gresham, OR.
2004 Corvette Roadster “Magnetic Red on Black”

So I have been thinking about trading in the Charger RT, for a while, for a Camaro, Challenger or 300 but with more horsepower and less miles. But none of the dealerships we’d been too had used ones, that weren’t in the cartoon colors. Then they put you in a new one with half the bells and whistles telling you why its the way to go. None of them felt as good as my Charger. So we stopped at Speedway Chevrolet in Monroe, just to see if they had anything in another lot somewhere. As we headed inside, I just thought Id look at the Corvettes, I mean why not, that why they are there. I went over to this one as it reminded me of one I had a while back. It turned out, it was less money than anything I was looking at so far, with low miles. All it took was driving it out of the parking lot and I was in love! Marshall reminded me, that I had said, I would never own a Corvette again. Joe, our salesman, reminding me of all the reason why I did love it. It was the fastest experience I have ever had buying a car in my life. A full tank of gas and two Corvette hats later, we were on our way! Joe was an exceptional salesman, that listened to us to get us the deal that worked perfect in record time. This was our second purchase at Speedway Chevrolet, I know we will be back.

Thanks Joe, we love our 2004 Roadster!

Lisa and Marshall Carroll

Startup, WA

Lisa Carroll 2004 Corvette Roadster

2008 Corvette Coupe Victory Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 13, 2015

Randy Taylor
Richland, Wa.
2008 Corvette Coupe “Victory Red on Black”

I want to personally thank you and Speedway Chevrolet for helping me realize one of my lifelong dreams. Ever since I was a kid watching the television program Route 66, I’ve loved Chevrolet Corvette’s. Your professionalism and courteous service will help make my future rides truly memorable experiences. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Randy W. Taylor

Randy Taylor 2008 Corvette (Custom)

2010 Corvette Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 7, 2015

Jack & Jerre King
Battle Ground, Wa.
2010 Corvette Coupe “Crystal Red on Black”

Experience went well, maybe we will be back in a couple of years for another Corvette.
Jàck & Jerre King

Jack King 2010 Corvette Coupe

2009 Corvette Coupe Victory Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 7, 2015

Phil Smith
Mill Creek, Wa.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Victory Red on Black”

HI Joe,

It was a real pleasure working with you as well as Chase as I was searching for my Corvette. I had been looking for a couple of months and had come to the conclusion that I would need to purchase my car out of state due to the lack of selection and frustrating lack of Corvette knowledge. It’s a sad fact that many dealers don’t know the first thing about Corvettes and couldn’t tell you the difference between a 3LT and BLT sandwich. Coming to Speedway and working with you as well as Chase, I immediately realized I was at the right place with both a great selection of low mileage clean cars and strong product knowledge to answer all of my questions. The purchase process was quick and easy and I was on the road in my first Vette in no time.

Thanks again for making my purchase a pleasurable experience!

Best regards,


Phil Smith 2009 Victory Red Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2012 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Supersonic Blue on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 7, 2015

Joe & Heidi Bailey
Marysville, Wa.
2012 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe “Supersonic Blue on Black”

Hi Joe,

We just wanted to thank you for making the purchase of our 2012 Grand Sport such an easy and stress free experience. You were always available to take our calls and answer our questions. It was nice to finally find a car salesman that did NOT give us the High Pressure sales pitch. You found us the exact car we wanted and even went the extra mile by finding us new rims and chrome badges for it. You were highly recommended to us by a colleague and we will absolutely “pay it forward” and recommend anyone who wants to purchase a corvette to come and see you. We are sure that they will receive the same excellent service that we did. Thank you again for making this car purchasing experience such a pleasant one.

Joe & Heidi Bailey

Joe & Heidi Bailey 2012 GS Coupe (Custom)

2015 Corvette Z06 Coupe Shark Grey on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 28, 2015

Gary Rogers
Snohomish, Wa.
2015 Corvette Z06 “Shark Grey on Black”

Once again you went above and beyond to help me with the purchase of my 2015 Z06. This thing is such an awesome car, Chevrolet did an amazing job with the design and getting this into production. This is what the fifth car that I have purchased with you and I can not imagine going to anyone else. I will have to come by when the roads are dry and let you take it for a drive it will make your day. I thank you for everything that you have done to make this happen for me and I am happy to call you my friend.

Gary Rogers 2015 Z06 (Custom)

2008 Corvette Roadster Crystal Red Metallic on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 25, 2015

David Vasconi
Lake Stevens, Wa.
2008 Corvette Roadster “Crystal Red Metallic on Black”

I recently had the pleasure of working with Corvette Specialist Joe Harvey of Speedway Chevrolet located in Monroe Washington. This was my second Corvette purchase from Joe, who’s been selling Corvettes for over 20 years and my experience was once again an absolute pleasure!

This second purchase began two days ago on March 19th 2015 with a visit to Speedway for service on my 2004 spiral gray roadster which was my first purchase from Joe in October 2012. As always, there was a large selection of Corvettes to look at while waiting, and all were in excellent condition. The first Corvette I saw was a beautiful maroon with black interior 2008 C6 convertible with only 22k miles and that was it, I couldn’t resist! I’d always wanted the newer body style but was waiting for the right time to explore my options….. I walked into Joe’s office and asked him if he could crunch some numbers for me and a short time later I was on my way to think about it. The next day I re-contacted Joe who was extremely kind to me, answered all of my questions, and made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. The entire process was truly a pleasure!

I highly recommend anyone looking for a new or used Corvette to contact Joe at Speedway Chevrolet. There is no pressure here and you will enjoy a relaxed car buying experience like no other!

Thank you Joe for everything. You went out of your way for me and for that I’m truly grateful and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Dave V

David Vasconi 2008 Corvette Roadster (Custom)

2007 Corvette Roadster Lemans Blue on Black Very Rare

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 12, 2015

Mark Mayer
Everett Wa.
2007 Corvette Roadster “Lemans Blue on Black Very Rare Color Combo”

Hi Joe,
It was a pleasure to do business with you and your team at Speedway today. I’m enjoying my vette roadster already! My Dad and I enjoyed our experience and would recommend.

Mark M.

Mark Mayer 2007 Corvette Lemans Blue on Black (Custom)

2005 Corvette Coupe Machine Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 12, 2015

Brad Boyer
Portland, OR.
2005 Corvette Coupe “Machine Silver on Black”

I spotted this beautiful 2005 C6 Corvette on-line at a very reasonable price. I called Joe and discussed the car with him. He represented the C6 to be in very good condition. There was no pressure to buy, he simply answered my questions and provided information. I thought about it for a few days and called him back and negotiated a price that we both agreed on. Since I was in Portland, OR and the car was in Monroe, and I had a busy work schedule that week, I needed a few days before I could make it to Monroe. Joe graciously agreed to hold the car. Long story short, a few days later I took Amtrak from Portland to Seattle, a friend of Joe’s picked me up at the Seattle Amtrak station and drove me to Monroe and…….surprise, surprise…..the car was as represented. We signed documents and I was shortly on my way back to Portland in my dazzling C6. What can I say…..Joe’s the man!!!

Brad Boyer
Portland, OR

Brad Boyer 2005 Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2009 Corvette Coupe Jetstream Blue on Titanium Gray

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 4, 2015

Larry Benner
Hoquiam, Wa.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Jetstream Blue on Titanium Gray”

On Monday March 2, I purchased my second Corvette from Joe Knows Corvettes. Joe once again found for me the second Corvette of my dreams. The transaction was handled professionally and courteously.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I am so happy!
Larry Benner


Larry Benner 2009 Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2007 Corvette Z06 Atomic Orange on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Feb 17, 2015

Rich & Kym Duncan
Stanwood, Wa.
2007 Corvette Z06 “Atomic Orange”

While I was reading the encyclopedia the other day I was up to the letter “c” and decided to see if Joe’s picture was there under car salesman. To my surprise it was not! But after further searching under the letter “c” his picture showed up many times. Once under compassionate and another under Considerate and the third time under Cool cat! However the one that really stood out was when his picture showed up under “Corvette Guy”. Our experience with Joe was smooth and seamless. He is truly your Corvette guy, when you need to purchase a Corvette.
Thank you Joe, for the wonderful experience!!!

Rich and Kym

Duncan 2007 Atomic Orange Z06 (Custom)

2007 Corvette Coupe Monterey Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Feb 6, 2015

Joe Wodaege
La Center, Wa
2007 Corvette Coupe “Monterey Red on Black”

A friend and I drove to Monroe after discussing a Corvette with Joe. He had extolled all of the car’s virtues. The extolling one takes with a grain of salt. After arriving, I found that everything Joe said was true. I had a truly stress-free buying experience and had the car I chose not been available, Joe had several more equally desirable.

Joe Wodaege

Joe Wodaege 2007 Corvette Coupe (Small)