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2008 Corvette Coupe Jetstream Blue on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 19, 2014

John Thomas
Woodinville, Wa.
2008 Corvette Coupe “Jetstream Blue on Black”

Well, this is my 4th corvette purchase from Joe Harvey. That ought to tell you something right there. No one matches Joe’s knowledge of corvettes and he’ll make your journey of looking for and securing the right auto purchase an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As the CEO of a large company, I know how valuable good customer care can be. Joe – you can come work for me anytime! Thanks so much for getting me into my dream car.


1985 Corvette Coupe Medium Blue on Blue

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 19, 2014

John Thomas
Woodinville, Wa.
1985 Corvette Coupe “Medium Blue on Blue”

When buying a car, how many car salespeople do you meet that soon turn into one of your good friends? Well, that’s Joe Harvey. Joe is the one of most trustworthy, fair and helpful people I’ve met, and not only in auto sales – but customer service in general. Joe closes the gap between the consumer and retail and he’ll make the experience of buying a Corvette (or any car) actually fun. No pressure, no tricks – - just simple and informative dialog that will lead you the right decision. Thanks Joe for yet another wonderful experience!


2004 Corvette Roadster Triple Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 18, 2014

Donna Conner
Federal Way, Wa.
2004 Corvette Roadster “Triple Black”

Joe Knows Corvettes. That was the name we saw on Craigslist when we found a corvette that we liked. We were not inclined to purchase anything but wanted to look at the Corvette selection at Speedway Chevrolet, after having spent hours researching Corvettes in the area. As I am not comfortable dealing with car sales people I was ready as much as possible for the “hard core sales press”. Instead the experience turned out to be my best ever car purchase! We were met immediately with warmth, a friendly hand shake, interest, and a smile. As the vehicle we were interested in had not been sold Joe Harvey gave us a quick, informative, friendly, pressure free presentation about its background, quality and cost. Then we were on our way for a test drive. (Even though we were not prepared with all the proper documentation the staff at Speedway Chevrolet went out of their way to make sure we could drive the vehicle). The Corvette was everything we hoped for, pristine, quality, cost effective, and a true driving experience! The rest of the purchasing experience was painless, efficient and pleasant. Joe and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and customer service oriented. No request or concern was too small for them to resolve. It was the most enjoyable car purchasing experience we had ever encountered. Joe really does Know Corvettes!!


2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Apr 7, 2014

Chris & Janelle Minich
Snoqualmie, Wa.
2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe “Crystal Red on Black”

My love affair with the Corvette began before I was born. My Dad bought a new 1968 Vette and shortly after met and married my Mom. With baby on the way, yours truly, the car was sold for a, wait for it, VW Square Back. My own Vette experience would wait almost 40 years until 2008. I had just started dating this amazing girl when I purchased a used, one owner 2003 Anniversary Red coupe with low miles. A year later I married that girl and the Vette even made it into some of our wedding pictures.

After six wonderful years with the car the time seemed right to search for a follow up. In fact, timing was the key to it all. In less than 24 hours the next chapter as a Corvette owner had been written.

Interested in the 2010 Grand Sport, and checking around online at pricing and a local dealer, my wife suggested looping in her Dad on a Friday night. He had purchased his current Corvette from Joe Harvey at Speedway Chevrolet in Monroe and gave him a quick call. Joe told him a 2010 Grand Sport was due on site the next day. I called Joe later that night to confirm. The most interesting nugget, Joe noted the car had less than 1,000 miles on it. The next morning we drove to Monroe to check it out.

Arriving on site, we met Joe and he showed us the Grand Sport. WOW! The car was beautiful. I will never forget the speedometer reading, 891 miles. It still had that new car smell. It took a second to sink in, were we really sitting in this low mile 2010 Vette in 2014? Indeed we were. The test drive was fantastic. We drove home that night in our new car.

The experience with Joe was outstanding. Straight forward, knowledgeable, and dare I say honest for a car salesman. He is all of those things. Joe does know his Corvettes and exceeds his customer’s expectations. Joe is the man!

Chris & Janelle Minich
Snoqualmie WA.

Thanks again Joe for an awesome experience,

2008 Corvette Coupe Crystal Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 29, 2014

Karen & Daune Miller
Marysville, Wa.
2008 Corvette Coupe “Crystal on Black”

Hi Joe, We have purchased 5 Corvettes and this has been the cleanest used Corvette that I have purchased. Your knowledge far exceeds anyone we have worked with. You made us feel comfortable as we did not feel pressured and Karen enjoyed her hug at the end. Duane said where’s my hug? Ha ha!

Thanks again for an enjoyable experience.


2005 Corvette Roadster Victory Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 19, 2014

Bill Blackburn
Lynnwood, Wa.
2005 Corvette Roadster “Victory Red on Black”

Yes, Joe really does know Corvettes. But more than that, he cares about his customers and pays attention to their interests. Joe told me that he had an outstanding C6 convertible coming in that he thought would just fit my interest. I had been content with my black C5 convertible and had no thoughts of trading.
But the Victory Red C6 is really an outstanding car, and is more in line with my current interest and usage. So I bought the C6. It was fairly priced and as always no pressure about buying.
If you are considering a Corvette, do yourself a favor and talk with Joe.
Joe has certainly earned my trust, after buying those two Corvettes from him.


2009 Corvette Coupe Black on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 19, 2014

Brian Orton
Woondinville, WA.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Black on Black”

I was hesitant to buy from a dealer: I generally work with private sellers. But a friend of mine had a neighbor who had experience working with Joe, and said good things about him. He also said Speedway generally buys/sells Vettes that are a unique, have a story, and have been checked out. When I met Joe, he wasn’t pushy at all. Seemed generally interested in helping me find what I wanted, and though I had done my homework before showing up to view one of his cars, he was knowledgeable and helped me learn a few things I didn’t know. When it came to a test drive, he was remarkably trusting of me: never asked for some of the things other dealers do, handed me the keys, and said “have fun.” (I loved how easy he made it for me to just get in the car and go for a test drive.) When I came back, he didn’t push or “go for the close.” He just talked with me, answered all my questions (and there were many), and let me make my own decision about whether to buy or not.
I had a very positive sales experience with Joe, and as a result, I bought a car from him. For anyone considering the purchase of a Vette, I think Joe’s a great guy to visit with.


2003 50th Anniversary Corvette Roadster Anniversary Red on Shale

| Customer Testimonials | Feb 21, 2014

John Soriat
Salmo, British Columbia
2003 Corvette Roadster “Anniversary Red on Shale”

I had been searching for a 50th anniversary red convertible 6 speed when I found my car at joeknowcorvettes.com I contacted Joe immediately and he emailed me back quickly with additional information and photos. It wasn’t convenient to view the car since I live 500 miles away in BC, but I felt reasonably confident buying the car sight-unseen. Joe did an excellent job of describing the car and “painted” me a clear picture of what I could expect.

Joe’s communication and service was excellent. He handled all the paperwork required to import the car into Canada and organized its delivery to my door in an enclosed trailer. The driver by the way, a fellow Corvette owner was prompt, courteous, and careful with our new car.

The entire process was a smooth and professional one, I would recommend Joe’s Corvettes to anyone in the market.

Thanks so much, John and Lynn Soriat

PS: This photo was taken in our driveway right after the car arrived. It’s probably the first and last time it will see snow.


2005 Corvette Coupe Black on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 27, 2014

Kevin Horsfall
Federal Way, Wa.
2005 Corvette Coupe “Black on Black”

Joe Harvey is the man! I first met Joe when I swung in to check out a C6 that I had been dreaming about on line for about a month. When I arrived there was somebody there buying the car of my dreams… Joe called me that evening and said he had found the perfect car for me… I was a little skeptical after seeing some of the miss represented cars at some of the other car dealers… I talked my wife into another trek out see another car and we were both blown away by the car, it was exactly as Joe described! Joe knows corvettes! He worked up a very fair deal, processed all the paperwork and sent me home smiling ear to ear. Joe is a straight shooter and I will recommend him to all my friends! Thank you Speedway Chevrolet and Joe Harvey!

Kevin & Debbie Horsfall


2006 Corvette Coupe Victory Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 21, 2014

Loretta & David Potts
Monroe, Wa.
2006 Chevy Corvette Coupe “Victory on Black”

Hi, everyone, I wanna say Thank You to SPEEDWAY CHEVROLET and Joe Harvey’s staff. We purchased our Corvette from Joe Knows Corvettes. Feeling high pressure sales men was not the case at Speedway Chevrolet. We were encouraged to really test the car on the highway and city along with stop and go driving as well and we were also invited to show the car to my Mom who lives in Monroe. I’ve been dreaming of this car forever and Speedway went above and beyond to make us feel like family. As I pulled in from the test drive the car actually sold itself too me. With a smile on my face and my dream car on my mind I bought the car on the spot. The more I drive my car the more I LOVE IT. Shoot, even my friends bought a Corvette from Joe too!! Thank You SPEEDWAY CHEVROLET and JOE KNOWS CORVETTES because I’m driving and owning my dream car. I will surely recommend my friends to you JOE KNOWS CORVETTES!!!

Thank you truly Tear & Dave (TEAM FREAK MEGA MUDRACER)