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2008 Corvette Roadster Crystal Red Metallic on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 25, 2015

David Vasconi
Lake Stevens, Wa.
2008 Corvette Roadster “Crystal Red Metallic on Black”

I recently had the pleasure of working with Corvette Specialist Joe Harvey of Speedway Chevrolet located in Monroe Washington. This was my second Corvette purchase from Joe, who’s been selling Corvettes for over 20 years and my experience was once again an absolute pleasure!

This second purchase began two days ago on March 19th 2015 with a visit to Speedway for service on my 2004 spiral gray roadster which was my first purchase from Joe in October 2012. As always, there was a large selection of Corvettes to look at while waiting, and all were in excellent condition. The first Corvette I saw was a beautiful maroon with black interior 2008 C6 convertible with only 22k miles and that was it, I couldn’t resist! I’d always wanted the newer body style but was waiting for the right time to explore my options….. I walked into Joe’s office and asked him if he could crunch some numbers for me and a short time later I was on my way to think about it. The next day I re-contacted Joe who was extremely kind to me, answered all of my questions, and made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. The entire process was truly a pleasure!

I highly recommend anyone looking for a new or used Corvette to contact Joe at Speedway Chevrolet. There is no pressure here and you will enjoy a relaxed car buying experience like no other!

Thank you Joe for everything. You went out of your way for me and for that I’m truly grateful and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Dave V

David Vasconi 2008 Corvette Roadster (Custom)

2007 Corvette Roadster Lemans Blue on Black Very Rare

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 12, 2015

Mark Mayer
Everett Wa.
2007 Corvette Roadster “Lemans Blue on Black Very Rare Color Combo”

Hi Joe,
It was a pleasure to do business with you and your team at Speedway today. I’m enjoying my vette roadster already! My Dad and I enjoyed our experience and would recommend.

Mark M.

Mark Mayer 2007 Corvette Lemans Blue on Black (Custom)

2005 Corvette Coupe Machine Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 12, 2015

Brad Boyer
Portland, OR.
2005 Corvette Coupe “Machine Silver on Black”

I spotted this beautiful 2005 C6 Corvette on-line at a very reasonable price. I called Joe and discussed the car with him. He represented the C6 to be in very good condition. There was no pressure to buy, he simply answered my questions and provided information. I thought about it for a few days and called him back and negotiated a price that we both agreed on. Since I was in Portland, OR and the car was in Monroe, and I had a busy work schedule that week, I needed a few days before I could make it to Monroe. Joe graciously agreed to hold the car. Long story short, a few days later I took Amtrak from Portland to Seattle, a friend of Joe’s picked me up at the Seattle Amtrak station and drove me to Monroe and…….surprise, surprise…..the car was as represented. We signed documents and I was shortly on my way back to Portland in my dazzling C6. What can I say…..Joe’s the man!!!

Brad Boyer
Portland, OR

Brad Boyer 2005 Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2009 Corvette Coupe Jetstream Blue on Titanium Gray

| Customer Testimonials | Mar 4, 2015

Larry Benner
Hoquiam, Wa.
2009 Corvette Coupe “Jetstream Blue on Titanium Gray”

On Monday March 2, I purchased my second Corvette from Joe Knows Corvettes. Joe once again found for me the second Corvette of my dreams. The transaction was handled professionally and courteously.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I am so happy!
Larry Benner


Larry Benner 2009 Corvette Coupe (Custom)

2007 Corvette Z06 Atomic Orange on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Feb 17, 2015

Rich & Kym Duncan
Stanwood, Wa.
2007 Corvette Z06 “Atomic Orange”

While I was reading the encyclopedia the other day I was up to the letter “c” and decided to see if Joe’s picture was there under car salesman. To my surprise it was not! But after further searching under the letter “c” his picture showed up many times. Once under compassionate and another under Considerate and the third time under Cool cat! However the one that really stood out was when his picture showed up under “Corvette Guy”. Our experience with Joe was smooth and seamless. He is truly your Corvette guy, when you need to purchase a Corvette.
Thank you Joe, for the wonderful experience!!!

Rich and Kym

Duncan 2007 Atomic Orange Z06 (Custom)

2007 Corvette Coupe Monterey Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Feb 6, 2015

Joe Wodaege
La Center, Wa
2007 Corvette Coupe “Monterey Red on Black”

A friend and I drove to Monroe after discussing a Corvette with Joe. He had extolled all of the car’s virtues. The extolling one takes with a grain of salt. After arriving, I found that everything Joe said was true. I had a truly stress-free buying experience and had the car I chose not been available, Joe had several more equally desirable.

Joe Wodaege

Joe Wodaege 2007 Corvette Coupe (Small)

2007 Corvette Coupe Machine Silver on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 23, 2015

Timothy Otway
Snohomish, Wa.
2007 Corvette Coupe “Machine Silver on Black”

While researching to trade in my 1998 Corvette I found Joe Harvey’s blog at Speedway Chevrolet, I was impressed by Joe’s knowledge and experience. I contacted Joe Harvey by email and we communicated back and forth a couple times. I was still considering trade-in values and not settled on a specific car. Joe invited me to come down and look at a car and it was exactly what I wanted, Joe walked me through the purchase process and made sure that all my questions were answered.To my surprise and delight it was relatively quick and pleasant process, I was driving away in my new Corvette that afternoon. Thank you Joe. I would recommend you to anyone thinking about a purchase, you are my “go-to” guy for Corvettes now.

Tim Otway

Timothy Otway - 2007 Chevy Corvette Coupe (Small)

2008 Corvette Roadster Indy 500 Pace Car

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 23, 2015

Irving & Cheryl Davis
Everett, Wa.
2008 Corvette Roadster “Indy 500 Pace Car”

Thanks for your help in, finding, verifying and purchasing the Corvette I’d been looking for. You secured one of three 2008 convertible pace cars for sale across the country. The price was right and the transaction flawless.
Thanks Joe!

Irv and Cheryl Davis
Everett, Washington


Irv 2008 Indy 500 Roadster

2005 Corvette Coupe Magnetic Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 19, 2015

Andy Mosalsky
Arlington Wa.
2005 Corvette Coupe “Magnetic Red on Black”

Since selling my 1998 Corvette over a year and a half ago, I’ve been searching for the perfect replacement. I found a 2005 Magnetic Red 6 speed with all the options that I was looking for at Speedway Chevrolet. I called Joe Harvey and we spoke on the phone a couple of times about the car, and I was truly impressed about how much he knew about Corvettes. We negotiated a deal, and two days later, I went to the dealership to do the paper work. I have purchased many cars in my time, but this experience was by far the best!! Joe walked me through the process, and made sure that all my questions were answered. If you are looking for a Corvette, I highly recommend talking to Joe Harvey! His knowledge, easy going no pressure sales attitude will impress you!

Andy Mosalsky

Arlington, Washington

Andy M 2005 Corvette Coupe (Small)

2012 Corvette Coupe Centennial Edition Black on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Jan 15, 2015

Richard Cawby
Marysville, Wa
2012 Corvette Coupe “Centennial Edition Black on Black”

Thanks again for making the process of purchasing my Corvette so easy. After contacting you about trading in my ’07 for for a later model year you responded quickly and got to work looking for the car I wanted.
You kept me informed every step of the way and even though you ran into some serious obstacles, your persistence payed off and you found the car I wanted. Your resources, contacts and knowledge of Corvettes make you the obvious choice for anyone looking for a Vette.

Thanks again.


Richard Cawby 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette GS Coupe (Small)

2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe Torch Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Dec 9, 2014

Harry & Mickey Griffin
Lake Stevens, Wa.
2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe “Torch Red on Black”

Joe Harvey is the most trusted and hard working person I have worked with. Joe has helped me for many years on both car, trucks and RV situations. He has been very honest and always trying to help my wife and I. We are in our 70s now and Joe is like a personal friend to us. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about a purchase. Speedway, Speedway service and Joe have helped me very much!! They are all great people and company but Joe is why I wrote this letter.

Harry K Griffin

2014 Stingray 7 (Small)

2015 Corvette Stingray Coupe Velocity Yellow on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Dec 9, 2014

Roger & Sue Ann Croshaw
Seattle, Wa.
2015 Corvette Stingray Coupe “Velocity Yellow on Black”


What a marvelous experience it was working with you on the purchase and delivery of our 2015 Corvette Stingray. I have always said since owning a ’57 4 speed Fuelie back in the 50′s, that a Corvette is dollar for dollar the best car in the world.
Thanks for your suggestions and help as we went through the options when we ordered the car. It drives like a dream in any mode and I feel a sculptured work of art. And working with you was the best car-buying experience I’ve ever had, including paper work and delivery. Thanks for taking such good care of us!!

Roger and Sue Ann Croshaw

Roger Croshaw

2011 Corvette Coupe Jetstream Blue on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Nov 19, 2014

John Thomas
Woodinville, Wa.
2011 Corvette Coupe “Jetstream Blue on Black”

I’ve stopped counting the number of corvettes I’ve purchased from Joe Harvey. That ought to tell you something right there. Each one has been a fabulous experience and now Joe has put me in my ultimate dream car. The color, style, model and year I’ve always wanted. Joe contacted me to let me know this particular corvette was available (even though I wasn’t looking), and after a few test rides and exploration on financing options, it’s now all mine! If you want an escape from all the negative stereotypes about purchasing a car, such as pressure tactics, misunderstanding what you’re trying to convey, falling into something that is beyond your financial means or being finessed into something that isn’t what you really want, then you need to work with Joe Harvey. Simply put, Joe is a great guy and easy to work with. Soft-spoken, unmatched knowledge and an advocate for your interests (not the other way around). Your experience with him is like dealing with a family member or a close friend. He sincerely takes into account all your thoughts and preferences, and when the time is right, he’ll put the perfect fit right in front of you. Thanks Joe for yet another wonderful experience!


John Thomas 2011 JSB Coupe

2008 Corvette Z06 Atomic Orange on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Nov 11, 2014

Bob Johnson
Bothell Wa.
2008 Corvette Z06 “Atomic Orange on Black”

I am now the proud new owner of a 2008 Corvette Z06, the car of my dreams. I cannot thank Joe Harvey of Speedway Chevrolet enough not only for connecting me to this fantastic auto but for providing the perfect buying experience.

Bob Johnson
Bothell, WA


2007 Corvette Z06 Victory Red on Black

| Customer Testimonials | Oct 28, 2014

Daniel Goll
Woodinville, Wa.
2007 Corvette Z06 “Victory Red on Black”

I’m 33 years old and have now owned 38 different cars, my new 2007 Z06 being lucky number 38. Of this array of vehicles, 3 have actually been Corvette Z06s… I typically go through cars every 6 months to 1 year. The point of me explaining this is that I’ve purchased, sold and traded many cars (and on a fairly regular basis) and I have to say that Joe is truly the most forthcoming and easy going person I’ve ever dealt with in a dealership, period – Both of which are qualities that are very hard to come by in this industry. Furthermore, the guy knows his Corvettes and knows how to acquire the best examples of these amazing cars available. I’m as meticulous as they come and even I think the cars he finds are incredibly clean. That being said, if the guy tells you the car’s in great condition, you can rest assured that it’s the truth! Bottom line, if you’re looking for a Corvette of any kind, save yourself some time and a lot of frustration, and just give this guy a call – You won’t be disappointed!


Daniel Goll 2007 Z06